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"After my recent car accident I could not seem to catch my breath or look sideways without audible distress. Dr. Donna took a good hour of her time testing what was weakened or not functioning correctly and in the following appointments completely gave my body a 180 degree turn health-wise. Can NOT recommend her enough!”

Nicole H.

I have been in wonderful, gentle, and effective hands for several months and have resolved issues that occurred years ago. And the fact that Dr. Elliott is treating me inside and out has opened my mind/experience to applied kinesiology for whole body cellular health. The whole body vibraplate at the end of each chiro session is another thing to look forward to! I'm glad to know this whole team!

Diane F.

I am an allopathic M.D., trained at a traditional U.S. medical school. Medical schools have been funded by "big pharma" since the 1920's, and that is the kind of medicine we were exclusively taught. It's not the truth; there's much more to treating us humans. It's hard to explain exactly how Dr. Elliott heals, but I consider it an art: a blend of gentle chiropractic adjustments, Chinese Acupuncture (without the needles), sound wave (Rife-like technology) healing, combined with keen intuition. I see her for the long haul: to remove chronic viruses and heavy metals that affect my energy, well-being, and ability to think clearly. Many go to her for help with chronic diseases, malignancy, and sequelae from injuries, medications, and pharmacologic treatments. She is a rare gem, and Colorado Springs is lucky to have such a warm, caring, and effective practitioner as part of our community.

Susan S., M.D.

Dr. Elliott is an intuitive, empathetic healer. As a family we have seen her regularly for various issues that have arisen. She is thoughtful, caring and highly knowledgeable in assisting your body to heal and regain wellness. Recently my daughter was struggling with new onset eczema and allergies, which we discovered came from a dust mite allergy that Dr. Elliott discovered. We had recently had our ducts cleaned... within 48 hours of treatment my daughters hands had cleared!! She had been struggling with it for 6 weeks. No more eczema, cracked, bleeding skin. Really a wonderful skilled practitioner. Highly recommend!!!!

Kim L

Dr. Donna René was tremendous! She was able to calm my nerves and answer all my questions before we even entered her office. She was professional, knowledgeable, and effective. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doctor to build a relationship with a holistic approach to health.

Connie R.

We appreciate Dr. Donna René helping our family to heal. She has an amazing heart and passion for helping the body do what it knows how to do innately- HEAL. I especially love her bedside manner with my special needs son. She’s my 21st century medicine woman!

Heather J.

We’re ready to add you to our list of satisfied clients!

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