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What makes you different than a traditional chiropractor?

We are a whole-body centered, holistic, health and wellness center.  We utilize applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to see which bones are subluxed or out of alignment.  We are not the office that will adjust the same portions of your spine or simply adjust your atlas (C1) for a flat fee.  We check your whole body and work to get to the root cause.

We do not believe that one needs to spin the head, contort the body, or hear a "popping" to have an effective adjustment. 

What do you mean by "root cause"?

The body never forgets!  Everything you have experienced throughout your life, whether emotional, physical, or psychological, is remembered in your cells.  These experiences cause a plethora of symptoms to surface years later.

What is DNFT technique?

D.N.F.T. is the original low force method  that was developed by Dr. Richard VanRumpt (1904 – 1987). Dr. VanRumpt realized that it only takes a small amount of pressure to maneuver bones back into place.

 Dr. Elliott believes that this approach produces powerful results without any additional trauma.

This is new to me - how will I know if I like it?

If you have never been seen in our office before, call us to schedule a "First Visit Free".  This will give you a chance to experience our office (and get adjusted!) without any commitment!

If you decide we are a good fit for you, our office staff will gladly get you set up for an initial appointment.  Initial appointments cannot be scheduled on the website.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

ABCIW is a direct pay only chiropractic office and does not accept insurance.  We can provide with an CPT/ICD coded superbill for you to submit to your personal insurance.

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