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Sauna-ing as a “Passive Cardio Workout”: An Explanation

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. In order to truly optimize your health, you must take care of your heart. It is literally at the core of our wellbeing. While that stat may be shocking, you may rest a bit easier after learning that the cardio benefits of infrared sauna have been proven, and offer a valid and effective form of heart exercise. Cardio exercise creates good circulation, which in turn provides many positive effects for your body. This activity also helps us manage blood sugar levels and can reduce depression symptoms by producing serotonin, a chemical messenger that is known as the happy chemical. Exercise can be difficult for many reasons. Some people simply aren’t able to get out and get their blood pumping at a level that will be beneficial. Thankfully saunaing provides a real solution to getting your heart working without demanding physical strain. Multiple studies, including one published in 2019, in Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal back these claims. The 2019 study focused on the

benefits of the heart and cardiovascular system, concluding that sauna bathing was equivalent to a moderate physical exercise! Sit back and relax while your heart gets pumping. Your body will thank you.

Read Sunlighten’s blog to see the science and facts behind infrared for heart health: https://www.sunlighten.com/blog/saunaing-a-passive-cardio-workout Call us today to schedule a session.

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