Healing Baths ... ?

Healing Baths?

Absolutely Yes! Well. . . if you have a bathtub that is. If not, maybe you can start with a healing, hot, mini-tub for your feet! Read on if you want to see where I’m going with this.

Earlier this year, I vacationed in beautiful Glenwood Springs, CO, known for its gorgeous vistas, hiking trails, legends of Doc Holliday and of course . . . . healing, mineral hot springs that rejuvenate and revitalize weary travelers, myself included.

The hot water alone, bubbling up from the depths of the earth was what initially drew me to the hot springs, however, what I experienced was far more than just an outdoorsy hot bath. What really sold me on the importance of hot tubbing/hot springs was the deep healing effects of the geothermal mineral rich water lusciously bathing my soul and skin in all its earthy goodness. After just two days of soaking in the life-giving, healing waters (a couple hours each day) my skin looked and felt better, smoother, softer and wasn’t white and chalky from being dehydrated for so long. After just TWO DAYS!!!!! Then there was this incredible, deep peace and calm that I could feel which also translated into deeper sleep and relaxation. I was hooked and have been obsessed with mineral hot springs ever since. . . Just ask Amy!

Here are just a few reasons why I am encouraging you to experience a healing hot springs moment too:

It’s Safe & Simple

It Provides Natural Pain Relief

Soaking Offers Natural Skin Care

Increases Circulation

There are other benefits so feel free to check out this link to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs for more information.


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