Feasting and Fasting

We all love “Feasting” . . . those times when we unabashedly eat whatever food we want in whatever quantities we want. It’s the wedding, birthday, engagement, new raise at work ceIebration’s that we look forward to, especially the food! Eating until we are full to the brim with our latest favorite edibles, sometimes even to the point of pain! I know you know what I’m talking about. However, I have been recently reminded of the positively powerful health benefits of fasting. Fasting is when we choose to abstain from any solid food for a specific amount of time, drinking liquids such as water, coffee, tea, and maybe vegetable or bone broth. I think what I like most about fasting is the simplicity; no shopping for it, no real food prep, fits into any schedule and can be done anywhere. It is a great way to push through any weight plateaus because the body needs to change things up every once in awhile. Aside from giving your gastrointestinal tract a much needed rest from constantly processing the food we eat, here is a list of other amazing benefits we can take advantage of with fasting:

- Improves mental clarity and concentration

- Induces wight and body fat loss

- Lowers blood sugar levels

- Improves insulin sensitivity

- Increases energy

- Improves fat burning

- Lowers blood cholesterol

- Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

- Extends life

- Reverses the aging process

- Decreases inflammation

We all know that ultimately, diets fail. What we really need is a complete lifestyle change, especially with our food that also includes some form of fasting (intermittent, short term or extended periods). Here are some advantages, again in favor of fasting:

- It’s simple

- It’s free

- It’s convenient

- You can enjoy life’s little pleasures

- It’s powerful

- It’s flexible

- It works with any diet

I am going to start implementing regular fasting in my week going forward. Maybe you would be interested in joining me on Fasting Fridays? Or how about doing some intermittent fasting 4 times during the week? Would you be willing to consider a 24 hour fast or maybe even a three day fast? I’ll keep you posted!

Until the next time . . .

Jason Fung, MD with Jimmy Moore. The Complete Guide to Fasting. Las Vegas, Victory Belt Publishing, 2016.

Yours in Health,

Doc Elliott

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