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The power that made the body, heals the body.



I’m Dr. Donna René, inviting you to experience a better way of healthcare that honors your body’s innate wisdom to heal without the use of medications and invasive procedures.  Imagine a vibrant you, regardless of age or your child, free of labels and prescription drugs.  As the primary doctor at A Better Choice, I empower you to take back your health, your life.  You can do it and I’m here to partner with you.

Connection is vital for your health and overall well-being; connection to a higher power, the world in which you live, and yourself (body, soul and spirit).  I am committed to CONNECT with you by:


Compassionate, honest relationships


Over-delivering on service and experience


Natural and sustainable solutions


Navigating change well


Empowering personal responsibility 


Commitment to transparency


Togetherness in body, soul and spirit

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Structure dictates function therefore it is imperative to maintain proper vertebral structural integrity.  We do that by employing chiropractic manual therapy using a technique called Directional Non-Force Technique (D.N.F.T.) which is very low force and gentle.


Using Traditional Chinese Medicine as our foundation for deeper healing, we utilize Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and electrical acupuncture to bring balance and the proper flow of energy throughout the bodies energetic channels and meridians.


Sometimes the body needs assistance in removing blockages or interference in the form of varying pathogens, toxins and traumas.  Using different energetic modalities, such as frequency specific micro-current and vibrational frequency technology we can remove those imbalances allowing the body to resume its natural healing abilities.


With the use of Applied Kinesiology (AK) or muscle testing, we can identify potential allergens to the body as well as the necessity and efficacy of nutritional supplements.



We appreciate Dr Donna Rene helping our family to heal. She has an amazing heart and passion for helping the body do what it knows how to do innately- HEAL. I especially love her bedside manner with my special needs son. She’s my 21st century medicine woman

Heather J.

I came to Donna René because my shoulder was slightly dislocated.  She was great in explaining what she was doing and why.  Without me saying anything she identified my TMJ pain and released that very quickly.  I was impressed with her gentle techniques that got the job done and resolved my shoulder problem!  Donna René knows what she’s doing and is a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her!

Nina E.

I appreciated how safe Dr. Hopkins was for me. I felt vulnerable coming in with my health challenges for my first visit. She was lovely, very professional and helped me a great deal.

Betsy C.


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